The RMA Business Council is a community of driven individuals with a shared interest in the art of business. Membership to the RMABC is open to all alumni, current cadets, former cadets,  faculty, staff and other affiliates of Riverside Military Academy. There is no membership fee.

Member Requirements

Membership in the RMABC shall be open to:
(a) alumni of Riverside Military Academy;
(b) cadets of Riverside Military Academy;
(c) former cadets who attended Riverside Military Academy, whether they graduated or not;
(d) active and emeritus members of the Riverside Military Academy faculty, staff and administration;
(e) persons and entities designated by the Executive Board

The Executive Board may also confer honorary membership in the RMABC to persons or entities who have made a significant contribution (not necessarily financial) to Riverside Military Academy, the RMABC or the business world.

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